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Confidence | Character Development

Why My Child Has Low Confidence: Understanding the Causes

Confidence is a crucial aspect of a child's growth and overall well-being. Children with low confidence often struggle with social interactions, findi...

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Parenting | Teens | Character Development | Pre-Teens | Juniors | Seniors

The Importance Of Role Models in Shaping a Child's Character

One of the most influential factors in a child's development is the presence of strong role models. A role model is a person who serves as an example ...

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Parenting | Bullying

What To Do When Your Child Is The Bully

As a parent, discovering that your child is bullying someone else can be a difficult and emotional experience. It can be natural to feel shock, anger,...

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Confidence | Teens

5 Ways to Improve Teenagers' Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a crucial aspect of a teenager's mental health and overall well-being. It serves as the foundation for their confidence and how they pe...

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Parenting | Conduct | Behaviour

What’s The Best Way To Discipline A Child?

The term ‘discipline’ often carries with it negative connotations that many people find offensive. Discipline has become attached to strict parenting ...

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What Are Parenting Styles?

Parenting - it doesn’t come with a manual and most parents simply try to do the best they can. Personal experience, and learning through trial and err...

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How To Recognise Low Confidence In Children

What Is Confidence and Why Does It Matter? Confidence is how much you believe in yourself. The more confident you are, the more likely you’ll feel rea...

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Teens | Character Development | Pre-Teens | Juniors | Seniors

How Does A Child Develop Habits and Character?

Good habits and great character traits are invaluable. But what exactly do good character traits and habits look like, and why do they matter?

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What’s The Difference Between Cyberbullying and Traditional Bullying?

Bullying is an unpleasant and damaging experience no matter how it happens. Most of us can clearly remember an episode of bullying as it leaves a last...

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Conduct | Behaviour | Disorders

The Most Common Childhood Behaviour Disorders

All children display behavioural difficulties as they grow. It’s a natural and necessary part of childhood development - to push back against decision...

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